PORTER               RANCH

PR's Moonshine

PR's Country Man

Sire : Triple S Iron Man

Dam : Patterson's Sweet Dulcy

DOB : ​5/30/01

Height : 15hh

Registered : RMHA , KMSHA , AGMH

Breeding Fee : $500.00

TSR Man Of Steel

  TSR Man of Steel's (aka Superman) sire is none other thanTriple S Iron Man. His dam is Patterson’s Sweet Dulcy a mare of excellent pedigree.

  Man of Steel was born in May of 2001. Like his father he started his career early and with a bang, winning the 2002 RMHA International colt class. He went on to win the UMH High Point Conformation award in 2002, 2003, and 2004! He was the RMHA International Conformation Champion 2 year old Stallion by unanimous decision.

  Superman has all the makings of a truly great stallion. His outstanding conformation is hard to beat and his winning personality is one of a kind. He is a very playful stallion and can be found daily playing ball in his stall. He draws a crowd as he rolls his rattle ball with his nose and then kicks it into the wall. Sometimes, we find him playing with it at two and three in the morning. Superman has produced some outstanding foals with his gorgeous looks and playful personality.  You can tell which babies are his at first sight.

PR's Steel Maiden

PR's Superman

Superman's Offspring


2007 Winnings
2007 Al Prewitt Memorial
UMH/SE 4 & Older Conformation - 1st Place

2007 First Annual Gaited Gala
UMH 4 & Older Conformation - 1st Place

2004 Winnings
2004  UMH/KMSHA NC State Championship 
SMHC Conformation Grand Championship

2004  UMH/KMSHA Spring Premier Open 2+ Conformation 1st place 
2004 UMH & KMSHA High Point 2 year old Stallion
2003 Highlights
2003 RMHA International
2 yo. Stallions Conformation - 1st Place
2 yo. Championship Conformation - 3rd Place

2002 Highlights
RMHA International Yearling Colts Class B - 1st Place
KMSHA  & UMH High Point Yearling Colt